Gryffindor Entertainment

"Gryffindor Laser Tag & Game Zone"

Laser tag is a multiplayer game played in a dark arena. Players wear a battle vest and hold a laser gun to tag other players Our Arena provides a complete fun experience for people of all ages. Our multiplayer games make players plan and work as a team.


We have a large 3000 sq ft Sci Fi Themed arena which is great to host group plays of upto 16 people. The arena maze is uniquely designed in a manner which makes the game play much more interesting.


The game is fast paced high adrenil role playing game. The players need to work in teams and plan their strategy to approach the mission. Laser Tag is an amazing fun experience for all ages. Come and experience the game which takes you to experience a altogether different world and role play as action heros.


Dress in comfortable clothes and footware Wear dark color clothes. Light color tend to show bright in arena lights Plan your team strategy based on the game play you are planning to play


Celebrate your Laser Tag Birthday Party at Gryffindor Laser Tag & Game Zone.