About Asgard Entertainment

"Asgard is proud to be smoking and alcohol-free."

We operate the newest state-of-the-art laser tag equipment. The vests communicate through wireless connection to our lobby system enabling non-players to watch real-time scoreboard. Even if you are not playing, you'll be able to watch play-by-play action and scores on our LED monitors.
The system allows 12 players to participate all at once in our Arena. We operate the largest facilities in Chennai and planning to start in other major cities with the most advanced equipment in India! Suit up in the vest, strap on a vest, step into the darkened maze and become completely immersed in another world -- a world where team mates emerge from fog-filled passage ways, and a panicky energy encompasses your every fibre! Thoughts crumble. Lasers slice the foggy blackness. You feel it as "You become the game."
Asgard Entertainment has built its "The Ultimate Laser Arena" with 2,000 sq. ft in T. Nagar, Chennai and provides a safe, supervised environment for kids (above 8 yrs), teenagers, and adults alike to have a blast! Each single game of laser tag tales 15 minutes door-to-door. Stop by for an hour or spend the entire day. This is the most affordable way to have so much fun! Apart from the game area, Asgard has a cafeteria where the players can recharge their energy with Coffees, mock tails and snacks Asgard invites everyone to come and have some laser tag fun!!